A Guide On The Work Of Quantity Surveyors

Posted on: 12 May 2023

If you have an ongoing construction project, you should consider the services of a quantity surveyor. Typically, this professional generates estimates and reviews construction costs. Below is all you need to know about quantity surveyors

Who Is a Quantity Surveyor? 

As stated, a quantity surveyor estimates and monitors construction costs. Their work begins at the start of construction work. The professional works with the design team to estimate the costs of the various proposed designs. Once the client settles on a specific design, the surveyor examines the building's blueprints and gives an accurate estimate. If the surveyor's assessment is beyond the client's budget, then the design team, in collaboration with the quantity surveyor, can recommend some cost-saving strategies. For instance, they could propose cheaper roofing, using precast concrete blocks or recycled building materials and internal fixtures. Such measures can significantly lower the construction cost without affecting the appeal and longevity of the building. 

What Are The Specific Duties Of A Quantity Surveyor? 

Below are some specific duties of a quantity surveyor:

  • Drawing construction budgets and creating estimates for the various construction phases.
  • Using market trends and historical construction data to advise clients on the effect of inflation on construction costs.
  • Monitoring construction costs to ensure they are within the predetermined estimates. For example, the surveyor could ask the client to consider bulk purchases to avoid additional costs.
  • Assessing risks that could inflate construction costs. For instance, wastage at the site could compel the developer to purchase extra materials.
  • Preparing tender prequalification documents and evaluating the bill of quantities sent by interested contractors.  

Considerations When Hiring A Quantity Surveyor 

Qualifications and experience are vital considerations when hiring a quantity surveyor. As a best practice, you should ensure that your surveyor has a degree in quantity surveying or a relevant field such as construction management. Besides, they should have accreditation from a professional surveying association such as the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

What is the surveyor's experience? Inquire about their previous experience to establish their suitability for your project. If possible, consider quantity surveyors who have handled diverse projects. Their vast experience allows them to give insights that could help you cut construction costs. For instance, they could ask you to integrate lean operations at the site to lower the building costs.

Examine the surveyor's personality to establish whether they can work closely with other professionals. Then, check their conditions and negotiate the surveying costs before signing the engagement contract.